• Alireza Mostaghni

What would Corona virus do with Humans and Architecture? Part 1: The Concept of Personal Space

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

  • Personal distance is a term used for normal spatialization between non-contact animals.

  • Edward, T, Hall also extends the notion of personal distance to human relations and acknowledges such: As soon as a person stands or sits in a public place, Spherical air bubbles around the person as a space that is inviolable. The size of this sphere varies depending on the congestion, age, sex, and importance of the anus, as well as the general environment around it. Anyone entering the area and staying there is considered a nuisance

  • According to Altman, Personal Space is a regulatory mechanism whereby a person adjusts his or her distance, or angle to others immediately after being placed among others.

  • In return, Territoriality or Behavior of Animals in Owning and Defending Their Territory is an Essential Concept in the Study of Animal Behavior and is usually defined as the behavior by which a living entity claims by its nature a particular territory and defends it against other members of its own kind.

  • As I earlier in the "On Space" article said: Contrary to territorialist behaviors, there are no clear signs of feeling ownership of space when adjusting for personal distance. In this situation, and before the corona virus epidemic, we would rather be involved in space. And our periphery as a part of our partnership had different characteristics from the rest.



Will the Corona virus transform our human "Personal Space" into "Territory"?
Will the public spaces of the city soon become Arena of war and defense of individual territories?
Will our personal spaces in the process of becoming individual territories find deterrents and defenses?
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