• Alireza Mostaghni

What would Corona virus do with Humans and Architecture?

Part 2: Duplicity in the City

Here the word "Duplicity" means two-sided, two-layer, and two-shell structures. Structures include the outer hard skin and the inner sweet life.


  • This is a slogan that the World Health Organization and all the media in the modern world are shouting against the new corona virus.

  • These days, forced home quarantine is a new experience for the modern world and our big cities. An experience we have never imagined and will never forget. Fear of socializing and contacting friends, Fear of an unknown and expanding danger, Fear of the City!

  • Forced housing has shown us the fact: In modern times our homes are not suitable for living. The dormitory apartments we have built for the urban middle class are not suitable for long term accommodation. Restrictions on outdoor and nature access, Small dimensions, Lack of recreational and entertainment facilities, and many other shortcomings.

  • Predictors of our age have said that the advent of the Internet and virtual networks as well as the beginning of the digital age will bring us home. Worker robots and electronic equipments have made it possible for us to work at home. And for many of us, it has been a promise of a better life. But are our homes ready for long-term residence?

  • Our return home will lead to a decline in social relationships. The internet and social networks seemed to be able to fix this. But recent experience has shown us all that virtual networks are not yet a viable alternative to face-to-face relationships. Just as television and satellite networks have not been a good substitute for outdoor recreation in the city and in nature. Should we hope to get used to these flaws and not feel them anymore?

  • My personal experience of forced home placement highlights an important point. It seems that by reducing our presence in the city and avoiding everyday social interactions, we will become more involved with our minds and our inner selves. Repentance guides us into our inner, or mental worlds. This is the attitude we have ascribed to introverted humans.

  • Extraversion and introversion were popularised by Carl Jung in 1921. In Psychological Types, Jung described how extraverts engage with external stimuli. He believed that extraverts direct their energy outwards -towards other people- and gain energy from such encounters. Introverts, meanwhile, focus their energy inwards, towards more solitary, thoughtful activities.

  • According to Jung, Every conscious extrovert is an introvert deep within her subconscious, and every conscious introvert is extroverted in her subconscious. This is an example of a compensatory or retaliatory role played by the unconscious in the psyche. However, will our homes or digital worlds respond appropriately to this process?

  • It is widely believed that the Corona virus alters the culture of intercourse and social relations. Friendly gatherings are getting smaller. The presence of people gives way to digital and virtual images. Nostalgia grows and modern man will be loner than before. But these perceptions only concern social relations, and we hear less about the change in human relationships with nature, and the environment.

  • The two basic words we have heard so much about in contemporary architecture have shaped our orientation towards architectural strategies: the words transparency and permeability. But how do these words make us feel when we are locked up in our homes?



The solution may lie in another type of architecture. A clever trick we've experienced before in some form of home architecture in Iran and a wide range of geography and history.In geographical areas and at a time when protecting the residents from the external dangers was a critical task of any home, and at the same time, the long-term presence and life of humans and their deep connection with their close relatives and nature was a definite necessity. What I call the two-shell house. The structure consists of a hard, impermeable outer shell to achieve a sweet inner life.

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